Wheel of the Year



Have you ever wondered why a specific tactic or strategy will sometimes work in your business, but other times, it doesn't? For instance, sometimes you run a sale or send out an email and get tons of responses, and sometimes, it's crickets! Or, some events fill quickly, with almost no effort on your part, and sometimes you can't sell tickets to save your life.

You may be scratching your head, wondering what's going wrong with your marketing, copy writing, or advertising.

But what if I told you your success has very little to do with those things, and everything to do with timing?

If you want to crack the code on divine timing for your business use The Wheel of the Year Planner 2019, which I've designed to help you determine the best times to take action, step back, and relax in your business … so you can finally get the results you want.


You'll have at your disposal a powerful tool for deciding when to communicate with your list, when to launch, when to make announcements, when your messages will best resonate, when to prune off what isn't working, and when every one of these actions will produce the best audience and make you the most money!

You probably know by now that my passion is spirituality and business. But did you know that I've trained in many spiritual paths as well as in business? I've spent the past 25 years studying ancient systems of growth, solar and lunar rhythms, and ancient rites.

The Wheel of the Year Planner 2019 brings all of my training together, harnessing the same system many tribes worldwide use to maximize their return on every bit of time, money, and energy they invest.

In other words, it gives you the ability to harness the energy and power of the universe to ensure every action you take pays off.

Down to the day: discover WHEN to take which actions, for success.

The Wheel of the Year Planner 2019 gives you the same information I've shared with my clients—information that I used, myself, to write three books, run more than 40 retreats, and run a property development company from $0 to $7 million.

When you harness the systems in this resource, you'll feel the power of a current working for you and with you—you'll know exactly when to push and when to retreat, so you can not only get all the important stuff done, but also enjoy time off.

The Wheel of the Year Planner 2019 will eliminate the guesswork and give you a structured schedule for everything in your business. THIS is the secret ingredient!

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