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SEPTEMBER 18 - 23 2019


Create a world where business is a pleasure.

A dream retreat designed to help you reveal and dismantle limiting beliefs, filter out the next 5 steps in your business that will bring you massive success and boldly move forward in everything you do.

$3997 p/p


The first step in your journey begins with trusting yourself to take the leap.

Before receiving my divine download, I walked through the motions of working a 9-5 job, blending into a crowd, and living a grey existence. But my heart yearned for more and my spirit assured me I could achieve anything.

I was meant for more, and so are you. So I picked up my life, traveled thousands of miles and meditated in hundreds of shamanic circles before taking the first intentional steps towards achieving a higher purpose.


I transformed my life so I could help you do the same.

Your life was meant to be bigger than living someone else’s dream. And breaking the mold you were forced into starts here. The answers you seek live inside of you. The Millionaire Yogi Retreat holds the keys to unlocking your true path of living your calling.

Whether in business or life, you are here to cause quantum expansion that is intimately connected to your sole purpose.




Obstacles no longer hold you hostage, doubt and fear are removed, and anything that’s not working in business is clarified and eradicated.




Through Shamanic meditations, we’re able to create your super niche. With a clear message based on your strongest core values, you’ll not only uncover your dream business but unlock unlimited earning potential.




Build a solid business following the Wheel of the Year and determine the three strongest action points to activate massive shifts within the coming 12 months




Turn your vision into systems and structures that manifest it in the here and now. Exponentially increase your influence and create a million dollar blueprint.


Daily Schedule

Millionaire Yogi retreats are the opposite of corporate. They are a journey made up of a series of experiences in unique locations that will take you out of your comfort zone and cause a quantum shift of who you are in business.

Each day begins with guided meditation, followed by an optional yoga session at one of the many beautiful locations in Tulum. We then break for breakfast and enjoy the company of other like-minded seekers.

Before we break for lunch, I teach a laser coaching session based where we will cover a variety of topics such as creating your super niche, applying the Wheel of the Year to your business, or unblocking any limitations keeping business stagnant.

We take our “Business is a Pleasure” promise seriously!

After lunch take time to enjoy the beauty of Tulum by walking the beach, or shopping at boutiques for art and boho chic clothing. In the late afternoon, we gather once again for another coaching session then break for dinner and enjoy more social time.

The retreat also includes an uplifting cacao ceremony and a day off to marinate on your journey and explore the local sights. Before you depart you will have a professional photo shoot including hair and make-up - so you will go away with images of the “new you”.


- Business Coaching
- Daily Yoga Sessions (optional)
- Shamanic Meditations
- Cacao ceremony
- Visit The Mayan Temple
- Professional Photo shoot


Check out what happened on the February 2019 edition of this retreat.

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More Details


What’s the most important factor in creating the business of your dreams? Your health! Several meals are included throughout the retreat including a welcome dinner when you arrive and a brunch at one of the most beautiful locations in Tulum.


The retreat cost does not include transportation to Tulum. Please book your flight independently. Once you arrive, traveling in Tulum via taxi is quite reasonable. Throughout the week, we’ll be traveling to various locations and will more than likely take advantage of sharing a taxi.


There are numerous accommodation options in the local area, so book wherever you are drawn to. Millionaire Yogi retreats are an experience and a journey. You get to stay where you want to stay and we take you on a magical adventure through the local area.


We believe that business should include a happy life with time for family and loved ones. So this retreat is open for a partner or friend to join you on the trip. They can take part in all meals, yoga and cacao ceremony for $1997.


Dress casually and comfortably throughout the weekend. Meditation will take place during the cooler times of the day, but remember Tulum is naturally warm year round. Please dress accordingly! This retreat is focused on business and pleasure, so don’t forget your swimsuit as we won’t be talking business the entire day. We may feel the need to take a dip in the ocean or spend time sunning ourselves on the beach.

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A dream retreat designed to help you reveal and dismantle limiting beliefs, filter out the next 5 steps in your business that will bring you massive success and boldly move forward in everything you do.