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You may feel the calling to work directly with me. I have three spaces available every year for this level of connection. This is by application only. Step into my world where the Wheel of the Year unfolds and we plan your year not just as a strategy but as a way of life. Learn how to align your product with when the time is right. Is this your year? Is there something really important you are meant to do? If the answer is YES then let’s talk. I offer this level of coaching for those who feel they are stepping through a threshold. It may be a critical moment in business or a life transition. As you level up your business or launch several strands of business I work solution to solution. You want all the help you can get and I will be your personal consultant in planning, making it as effortless as possible.

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To find out more please contact us directly. We’ll see if we are a fit. This program is by application only. 

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