Infinity Programme



If you want to be an Influencer, this course is for you. A year long course designed to teach you Perfect Timing. When to plant seeds, shout out, launch or step back. Mastery comes when you are able to launch multiple streams of income while leading with your heart. Are you someone who wants to move with the seasons and deliver your message at the best time so it lands with your audience?



To find out more please contact us directly. We’ll see if we are a fit. This program is by application only. 

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How does it work?

We meet on Zoom once a week, 3 weeks on, 1 week off. That’s the flow. You learn how to create a schedule and also how to take time out to marinate. You’ll learn everything I have done as an insider to launch books, festivals, retreats, online businesses, coaching programs and property development. I take you though a fun and relaxing growth cycle that can be applied to any business. Learn how to move from a place of few clients to attracting exactly the right clients with exactly the right message. And dare we say, in exactly the right timing for you. Your brand will be outstanding. Why? Because you use the tools I have to create an authentic Super Niche. It’s like a frequency. Once you are speaking this frequency all your perfect clients, hear you and connect effortlessly. My background in film and media means I can help you get seen and learn how to send your message out globally, become a key influencer and connect to high level entrepreneurs and move up fast.

I have seen clients double their income in six months when they start to value their vision and they have fun doing it. The businesses that come from this approach have at their core HAPPINESS and that’s what gives you overflowing confidence to take your vision up to millions while having a healthy, nourished life.

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