6 Week Foundation Course


6 Week Foundation Course
How to Turn Your Calling Into a Million Dollar Business


You already have all the elements you need to move forward with your business. Now it’s action time - and that requires knowing what step-by-step aligned actions to take, when to take them, and having the support you need to keep moving forward in a powerful way.

This is where I see many visionaries stumble. You have a big vision, but fears, concerns, and the obstacles life throws your way get you off course. And then your vision just stays a vision and never becomes the glorious reality it could be. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

That’s why I’m offering my six-week program. By participating, you’ll end up with a Million Dollar Blueprint for launching your own thriving business. The program kicks off on a full or new moon —the most auspicious time to start your launch. 

This is my foundation course, and it will get you through the dreaded hump most people experience between finding their big vision and making it real. 

Over those six weeks, you’ll get a weekly group training call with me where I’ll give you the next aligned-action launch step to take. And between our calls, whenever you’re stuck, you’ll contact me, and we’ll set up a time to chat and quickly move you from problem to solution.

This isn’t some stuffy or intimidating business training—it’s about making the process of launching a business doable and fun for someone like you (and me) who wants to embrace the rhythms of the earth to propel us and is allergic to the frenetic, push energy of most of the business world.



Monday 17th June 2019.

This course always starts on an auspicious full or new moon.

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-Structure your business so you love it (for example, do you want to lead retreats, be a digital nomad, speak from stages, etc.)

-Message your business so the exact right people take notice

-Find investors and broker a deal (if applicable)

And we’ll do it all by incorporating meditation, the rhythms of the seasons, and natural growth cycles based on the ancient wisdom of spring planting.

We’ll be covering a lot of business nuts and bolts, but this is definitely not a “get your suit on” kind of training. It’s all about making the process of birthing a business natural and fun for visionaries who are here to do things their own way.

You’ll get a weekly training call with me to give you a step each week toward launching your business. And unlike my other programs that are online, in this program you get private access to me. For the six weeks, I’ll answer any specific questions you have about your own business and hand-hold you through your launch. 

Here’s how I look at it: You’ve just come to the edge of the cliff with your wings on, and now you’re ready to fly. So if you’re ready to jump in and make your business take off, let’s do this! 

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