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You Never Have To Choose Between Happiness & Money Again 

Millionaire Yogi


The calling to invoke real transformation in the lives of others starts with finding your own calling. You hold the power to break the handcuffs that corporate placed on your passions and create a purpose-driven business based on your deepest core values.

Using ancient wisdom and the Wheel of the Year, my divine strategy gives you the insider’s look on when and where to launch your dream business and receive massive results.

You’re one conversation away from uncovering your true super niche, so you too can seamlessly shift to a career you love without sacrificing salary.

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Let’s create a booming business that feeds your soul, doubles your income and allows you to give back.


Online Programs


Are you ready to learn The Art Of Perfect Timing strategy. Each program is suited to those who like independence, love to travel or  are migrating out of an existing job. We meet online and connect as if we are in the same room. Freedom is the key. You develop your Super Niche and attract clients as you experience meditations that help you deeply connect with your core values. There’s only one choice? Which style of course are you ready for?



Experience deep connection with fellow entrepreneurs as you come together as a community.  You feel supported as one of the tribe as you create your Super Niche and plan the launch in perfect timing.

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It’s a crucial year for you. Your business is levelling up and you’re pitching yourself high. A time of big decisions. You may feel the calling to work directly with me. I have a few spaces every year for this level of connection.

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online program

You want to go at your own pace. An online course sharing my meditations that connect you deeply with your vision. You will learn The Art of Perfect Timing strategy and know confidently when to launch, scale up, deliver and step back. 

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I help conscious entrepreneurs turn their calling into a million dollar business.


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Welcome to Millionaire Yogi, where you never have to choose between happiness and money again.

My unique approach to helping you create the purpose-driven business of your dreams starts with the Wheel of the Year and Divine Timing. By tapping into these ancient powers, our work together is guaranteed to be amazing and produce massive results.

Our time together allows you to expand your abundance beyond superficial limits and uncover your Super Niche that’ll withstand the test of time and the market. Together we’ll create a booming business that feeds your soul, doubles your income, and allows you to give back.

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When You Have A Million What Will You Do For The Planet?


Join me in Tulum

A dream retreat designed to help you reveal and dismantle limiting beliefs, filter out the next 5 steps in your business that will bring you massive success and boldly move forward in everything you do.

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I help visionaries become world-changing influencers.